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Driveway repair and curb installation in sumter, south carolina

Here at Campbell Pavement Specialties, we can do anything from parking lot construction, paint striping, curb installation, concrete or driveway repairs and more! Call us at (803) 720-9942 for a free estimate and receive 10% off for mentioning this website.

Driveway Repair

The lifespan of an asphalt or concrete driveway range between 20-25 years. So it is important to seal any small cracks that occur before this timeframe. Sealcoating is also a great investment in the preservation of your driveway. 


There are three types of curbing that are commonly used which are barrier curbs, used for the separation of vehicles and sidewalks, or stores and parking spaces, mountable curbs used for drain control, and finally decorative curbs which are highly used for landscaping purposes.

Line Striping

This is the application of traffic paint used in parking lots in order to maintain proper traffic flow and the separation of parking spaces. We ensure to provide crisp clean lines in proper regulation of state or local guidelines.